Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sometimes There Has To Be An Oops

I wanted to take this time to explain something. I read my post and I believe I left myself open to interpretation beyond what I like to express. I've always enjoyed the business of politics and have always had opinions that I didn't mind sharing. But I really can't do that on this health care issue. I see positive and negative parts to it. The included in the middle deals, such as the so called "Louisiana Purchase" gets a little under the skin. I mean, what was the amount paid for the original purchase. Ha ha. But certain things that I heard that I considered positive were the "pre-existing condition" and the child staying on parent insurance to a later age.

Why do I consider these as positive is that we have dealt with that in the past because our oldest daughter had cancer as an infant and even employer insurance gave us a hard time. Also, I believe that having insurance on our families until they can establish themselves in the workforce is necessary.

I said come election time, voices can be heard. Shout your voice, toot your own horn. Don't matter to me because I ain't running.

But its my responsibility as a servant of our Lord to express that no matter where we stand, we should reflect Jesus Christ. Hold back on the negative talk, name calling, threats and the likes. Politics is politics. Every other year we get to hear the same mess over and over. But praise God, he is the same today as he was yesterday. And we as Christians are his representative.

P.S. Can't help it but I still love politics but I have learned to stay further out of public view.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Bobby

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