Saturday, March 13, 2010


We to often forget that it's not about us. We seem to have lost our ability to see past what we want or think we want. We lost the ability to see what isn't there. We lost our imagination.

As a child, we walked through the world with our eyes wide open. We saw that the trees and grass were green and flowers had different smells and the petals on the flowers felt silky. A dirt clog in my hands was a powerful hand grenade and a bamboo reed was a sword fit for a musketeer. My bicycle was a powerful motorcycle made to jump the biggest hills and out run all competitors. And we saw all the wild creatures of the world hidden amongst the clouds as we laid on our backs in the wheat fields.

I had a favorite tree in the woods near the trailor park where we lived. It was the tallest tree you could find and still climb. On this tree, were branches that separated at a perfect angel, side by side. Here, I took a board and nailed it to these limbs and had myself a seat. When you sat on that board, leaned back against the tree and stretched out your legs, that tree was no longer a tree. It transformed itself into an Apollo Rocket which carried me anywhere I decided to venture.

With childlike imagination, there was nothing we couldn't do, no one we couldn't be and no where we couldn't go. I believe we should find again; child like imagination. To find the ability to again see what isn't there. The ability to take a yellow crayon and green crayon and discover the color blue. The ability to open our minds up to the world around us and realize that just because we don't see it, doesn't mean it's not real.

We sing to God, praising him for making us stronger, lifting us up, for washing away our sins. But we didn't feel him tightening the muscle of our heart and mind as we traveled life's journey. Or did we? We didn't feel his hand grab ours and lift us out of life's dungeons. Or did we? We didn't feel our bodies become clean and fresh when we accepted Christ. Or did we?

With my eyes open, I can't really see God. But, I know he's there because when I close my eyes, there he is and when I raise my hands to worship him, there he is reaching for my hand to hold me, to lift me up, to say, "I love you!"

Find your child like imagination and let your mind see what isn't there but is there.

In the Service of my Lord,
Pastor Bobby

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  1. Bobby: this is very real. We cannot really believe that God is here but when we do close our eyes we know that He is there. Thanks for reminding us of this.