Sunday, February 28, 2010

InTENtional for TEN - Week 4

Need some ideas for meeting your challenges this week? Here are ten prompts to jumpstart your thinking:

Attend: Attend the Wed. nite Bible Study at Beulah at 7pm.

Give: Give 1% more than you're currently giving.

Pray: Pray for the New Wednesday night Bible Study and youth ministry at Beulah UMC.

Sacrifice: Fast from eating out and donate money to our Youth Ministry.

Connect: Sit in a different spot during worship next week and talk with someone different.

Learn: Pick up a newspaper and count how many times you can find God in one of the stories.

Fast: Give up computer/internet surfing for one evening and talk to a friend on the phone.

Witness: Pray for an opportunity to share your God story with someone.

Serve: Visit someone who is unable to come to church (FMI call Pastor Bobby or Girl Tommie).

Bless: Pray for Pastor Bobby before worship service.

Weekly Scriptures:

Mon - Matthew 16:24-28
Tues - Luke 14:25-33
Wed. - Acts 14:19-23
Thur - Mark 10:28-31
Fri - Acts 28:11-22
Sat - John 8:31-38

Quotation of the Week:

I do not fully understand the reasons for the wildernesses of God's absence. This I do know; while the wilderness is necessary, it is never meant to be permanent. In God's time and in God's way the desert will give way to a land flowing with milk and honey. And as we wait for that promised land of the soul, we can echo the prayer of Bernard of Clairvaux, "O my God, deep calls unto deep (Ps 42:7). The deep of my profound misery calls to the deep of your infinite mercy." (Prayer, Foster, p. 24.)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Time Stands Still For No Man

We had our family skate night and we had a good group show up. Now I love to skate but I'm smart enough not to do it often. Believe it or not, I can skate pretty good, having grown up in the local skating rink like most my age. But tonight reminded me that time stands still for no man. For a moment I forgot my age and became a teen again and took chances that any normal person my age should know better than to take.

Not only was my pride bruised but also my bottom, my elbow, my wrist. And my new flip video camera which was in my back pocket was critically injured. Did I mention, my new camera, which I had just used to take some good videos. Cash down the drain.

I was just in an incubator group today and watched a video of a speaker who spoke about leaders learning lessons that are painful when we learn from our own mistakes. His point was that smart leaders learn that it's less painful to learn from other's mistakes. I have seen enough people fall while skating and should had remembered that video.

The point here is to take the opportunities to learn valuable lessons in life by learning of the lessons others have learned. It's less painful and less expensive. I was truly blessed (I don't believe in luck) because I could had landed on my head. Be aware of the true blessings in life because sometime they come about in disguise.

By the way. If anyone would like to donate to the "Get Bobby a New Flip Camera" campaign, you know how to get up with me.

Til next time,
Pastor Bobby

Sunday, February 21, 2010

InTENtional for TEN : Week 3

Need some ideas for meeting your challenges this week? Here are ten prompts to jumpstart your thinking:

Attend: Bring a friend to worship next Sunday.
Attend the family skate nite at 7Gables and lets roll.

Give: Put an extra dollar or two in your "$ 100 in 100 Days" can.

Pray: Pray the Community Bible Study at new location - Beulah - each Wed night at 7pm.

Sacrifice: Go on a shopping fast: re-direct money to Methodist Home for Children.

Connect: Make plans to come to a Sunday School class next Sunday.

Learn: If you missed a service lately and would like to get a tape or
copy (if available) of sermon, give Pastor Bobby or James Barnes a call.
Also, check out our Facebook at Roseboro Methodist Church for
updates and other info.

Fast: Give up TV for 1 day/night and invest in a special family activity.

Witness: Next time you see someone (friend or stranger) who needs
a prayer, ask them to let you pray for them.

Serve: Offer to help Doug prepare Sunday Children Breakfast. Call someone
in need of a ride and offer to drive them to church.

Bless: Speak to the kids on Sunday morning and let them know how special they are.

Weekly Scripture Readings: Psalm 91:1-16

Monday 2 Samuel 23:1-4
Tuesday 2 Corinthians 4:1-15
Wednesday Luke 22:39-46
Thursday James 1:12-19
Friday 1 Peter 4:12-19
Saturday 1 Peter 5:1-11

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Be Intentional

It is easy to find ourselves in a routine when it comes to worshipping, praying, reading daily devotions, giving offerings and even serving. It's something we become accustomed to over times. How does God receive our praise when it's routine? Is it true worship if we go about it just as we would go about taking the trash out?

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son,..." John 3:16

Now, that does not sound like a routine action. God's blessings upon us are not routine or random. Valentine Day can be used as an example here. We (the men folks) do not give our wives or girlfriends a dozen red roses everyday. We really have to think about, go after it, plan it and even make the plan for the delivery. And because of the effort we put into it, our better halves, are truly happy.
If we make our worship of God meaningful, we have to make it intentional. When we pray, pray to God and not to the back of our eye lids. When we read scriptures, know that we are reading his instructions. Remember these are the words of God for you the people of God. When we feed the hungry, know that we are feeding Christ. When we clothe the naked, know we are clothing Christ. And when we visit the imprisoned, we are visiting Christ.
Be intentional because He was first to be.

Pastor Bobby

Monday, February 15, 2010

InTENtional for TEN - Week 2

Need some ideas for meeting your challenges this week? Here are ten prompts to jumpstart your thinking:

Attend: Invite someone to attend Sunday Worship with you.

Give: Keep a 'givings journal'.

Pray: Pray for our Ash Wednesday Service.

Sacrifice: Go on a shopping fast: redirect money to Methodist Home
for Children on Feb. 21 special offering.

Connect: Come to the cover dish supper on Wed @ 6pm and bring a friend and stay for worship.
And men, come to the Men's Breakfast on Tuesday at 8am at Lakewood Plaza.

Learn: Read the "Daily Reading Scriptures."

Fast: Decide what you are giving up for Lent and practice that this week.

Witness: Invite a neighbor or co-worker to the Ash Wednesday service.

Serve: Call someone in need of a ride and offer to drive them to church.

Bless: Donate non-perishable food to the food pantry.

Friday, February 12, 2010

First Blog

This is the first blog on this post. I am in prayer that this blogspot will be a blessing to all who reads it.