Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Can Feel It !!

Paul tells us that to carry eachother's burdens is the fulfilling of the law of Christ. Have you ever experienced being in the presence of those who were suffering? Whether it was those you were with who was physically hurting or they were the loved ones of the physically suffering, doesn't really matter. But did you notice that you felt pain? Did you sense a physical drain? Every nerve, every inch of your skin, perhaps even the hair on your head ached in an indescribable way.

The first time I felt this, I didn't know what I was feeling except an emotional pain. I was driving from a hospital where I was with people that I love like family, and everywhere around us there were hurting people. I took the opportunity to pray for these once strangers. But I screamed out to God: "Lord!! Why am I hurting like this. I have absorbed these people's pain." I immediately felt a sense of relief and understanding as if the Lord reached down and place his hand on my shoulder and said, "That's what I told you to do."

Blessed are you who absorb the pain and hurt of those around you.

Pastor Bobby

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