Tuesday, April 24, 2012

He leadeth me

The Lord seems to have an amazing power to lead us in a directed direction. I just wish I could have a map before the trip sometimes. But as my friend Melanie pointed out, "The journey is the fun part." So true.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My God Reigns!

Today while joining for lunch with the Roseboro Senior Citizens group, Rev. Joe Friend, new pastor of Roseboro Church of God and guest speaker, shared with  us that he and his wife were  raised in West Virginia.  His wife said that she doesn't believe there was a single piece of flat land in the whole area, but Rev. Friend said that they had an airport so there was at least on piece of flat land.

Tommy added to the conversation by saying that he once flew into an airport that was completely surrounded by hills or mountains and that the airport was on a hill, but the top of the hill had been removed and made flat for the airport.

This conversation gave me a vision of heaven.  I'm reminded of Jesus telling the disciples to proclaim that the "Kingdom of heaven is at hand".  Can we as believers, acceptors of the truth, envision that we live on a mountain top that the Lord has cleared off and smoothed away the roughness, and here is where we live, in his reign.  All around us is still the mountains which reminds us of the world around us in which we still live.  But in my mind, convinced that we do live in the reign of God, I find a sense of peace and fulfillment as I look around and see the 'mountains' of life, but know that no matter how high and rough these mountains can be, MY GOD REIGNS!