Friday, June 30, 2017

Something Lost

  I love watching, and listening, to Mayim Bialik's vlog (I believe that's the correct term). I get a lot out of most of them, some not so much because I think simply I'm not a woman. She is so smart and also funny. She covers many topics from personal to professional. The one I am sharing with you today I believe will touch the hearts of many. Take a little time to yourself, find a quiet place, a private place, and watch. Maybe you will find a little of yourself that you have lost.
  I encourage you to go to Bialik's social media sites to follow her vloggings Blessings to you.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Thank God in the Rain

I don't know about you but I'm ready for some dry days. I love this time of the year, the warm weather, the opportunity to do more outdoor recreational activities. All these rainy days has sort of taken the fun out of that and often too many cloudy days can take your smile away.
But when the clouds finally part and the sun shines bright it easy to remember that rain is one of the precious gifts of life.

"Are there any among the idols of the nations who give rain? Or can the heavens grant showers? Is it not You, O LORD our God? Therefore we hope in You, For You are the one who has done all these things." - Jeremiah 14:22

When the day doesn't seem to be going your way, the pressure is heavy on you, worries are working overtime on your thoughts, remember that God will bring the sunshine, and that the rainy days are a part of the gift of life. It helps to make us stronger, better able to remain standing when the ground becomes soggy again because our roots have grown and strengthen. Thank God in the rain. - Bobbyology

Saturday, April 8, 2017

What Are You Waving Today?

I thought that I would share the opening words of my sermon manuscript for Palm Sunday 2017. I wish I would think more often of the opportunities I have to add to my blog. So many opportunities slips past our eyes. Hard to get them back. Oh well, may you be blessed by this opportunity I have grabbed:
   Today is Palm Sunday, the Sunday we celebrate the entry of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem as he is finishing his journey to the cross. Sounds strange doesn’t it, that we would celebrate an occasion that we know will lead to death. But we who are Christians are not so much celebrating in the journey that led to death, but the journey that leads to life because of the defeat of death by Jesus.
    Today also mark the beginning of the Passion Week, or Holy Week. As Lent draws to a close, we turn our thoughts to Jesus’ final days before his resurrection on Easter Sunday.
    Today is also known as Passion Sunday. So in different services throughout the world today, many will hear of two different readings; one being the scriptures detailing Jesus entering into the city, and for others they will hear the telling of the arrest, trial, torture, and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. What would be your choice today if you had a choice on what I prepare to read? Would you be in a celebratory mood today and want to cheer with the crowd “Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!”, or more of the mobbing mood and join the chorus of “Crucify him! Crucify him! Crucify him!”. Choices, choices, choices! Why so many choices? The agony of having to chose.
    But yet, that is exactly what we have to do. We have a choice to make, today, in life. Now or later, the choice is yours.