Monday, November 15, 2010

A New Season

I've began a new chapter in my life. I've brought my mom home so I can take care of her. She is suffering from cancer and can't get around on her own now. It's amazing to me how even in the finality of life, one doctor sets you up to see another doctor and that doctor will set you up to see another doctor and before you know, you've forgotten what you went to the first doctor about. "Hey Doc, tell her she's dying, tell us how we can make sure she doesn't suffer, tell us anything except that you want to have more tests ran."

I always knew that a day would come when I would have to say good bye to my parents. It's a fact of life and it's one of those few guarantees in life. But I never gave much thought to the idea of having to take care of either of them. My dad is still living also but mom and dad separated when I was six years old.

It is a difficult thing to do to help your mom do so many things that we all take for granted. Being who I am, I've seen this scenario played out countless times and even help some in these situations, but it's different when its your own. I give thanks to God that I'm able to do this. I have never thought about how much I love my mom til now. I love her so much.

Please, anyone who reads this, be in prayer for us all. It hurts so bad but feels so good.


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  1. Bobby, I will continue to pray for your entire family. I know how hard this has to be...and how frustrating! You will get through this...this too shall pass.