Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another Day

Yesterday I took mama to get a MRI. While she was going through the test, I went to visit a member of one of my churches at the hospital who is traveling towards the gates of heaven. Just as I returned to the center where my mom was, I received a call that another member of my churches was in the emergency room at the hospital. I prayed.

I then called my daughters to meet me in the emergency room parking lot to watch over my mom for a few minutes while I ran inside to check on my person. Praise God, she was o.k. was in the process of being released to return home. I prayed.

Finally got my mom home and got her comfortable and fed. I prayed.

Today she isn't feeling to well and I give thanks that there isn't any doctor appointments. But tomorrow brings another visit to the center for a c-scan but I don't believe she'll be able to drink the stuff she needs to in order to do the scan. Then we'll go to the doctor on Friday to find out what he recommends concerning the future; comfort or life-extension. I pray.

A final note: the other night I sat down on the side of the bed and talked to mama about those questions we all wish we would never have to talk about. First time I broke down in front of mama. When I finally came back into the front room, it was obvious my girls had been crying. I asked them what was wrong and they pointed to the baby monitor we have set up so we can hear my mom if she calls us. I had forgot and they had heard our conversation. I prayed.

I give thanks for my wife, Donna. She is a real trooper and servant. I'm praying.

Peace and comfort to all

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