Thursday, February 25, 2010

Time Stands Still For No Man

We had our family skate night and we had a good group show up. Now I love to skate but I'm smart enough not to do it often. Believe it or not, I can skate pretty good, having grown up in the local skating rink like most my age. But tonight reminded me that time stands still for no man. For a moment I forgot my age and became a teen again and took chances that any normal person my age should know better than to take.

Not only was my pride bruised but also my bottom, my elbow, my wrist. And my new flip video camera which was in my back pocket was critically injured. Did I mention, my new camera, which I had just used to take some good videos. Cash down the drain.

I was just in an incubator group today and watched a video of a speaker who spoke about leaders learning lessons that are painful when we learn from our own mistakes. His point was that smart leaders learn that it's less painful to learn from other's mistakes. I have seen enough people fall while skating and should had remembered that video.

The point here is to take the opportunities to learn valuable lessons in life by learning of the lessons others have learned. It's less painful and less expensive. I was truly blessed (I don't believe in luck) because I could had landed on my head. Be aware of the true blessings in life because sometime they come about in disguise.

By the way. If anyone would like to donate to the "Get Bobby a New Flip Camera" campaign, you know how to get up with me.

Til next time,
Pastor Bobby

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