Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Be Intentional

It is easy to find ourselves in a routine when it comes to worshipping, praying, reading daily devotions, giving offerings and even serving. It's something we become accustomed to over times. How does God receive our praise when it's routine? Is it true worship if we go about it just as we would go about taking the trash out?

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son,..." John 3:16

Now, that does not sound like a routine action. God's blessings upon us are not routine or random. Valentine Day can be used as an example here. We (the men folks) do not give our wives or girlfriends a dozen red roses everyday. We really have to think about, go after it, plan it and even make the plan for the delivery. And because of the effort we put into it, our better halves, are truly happy.
If we make our worship of God meaningful, we have to make it intentional. When we pray, pray to God and not to the back of our eye lids. When we read scriptures, know that we are reading his instructions. Remember these are the words of God for you the people of God. When we feed the hungry, know that we are feeding Christ. When we clothe the naked, know we are clothing Christ. And when we visit the imprisoned, we are visiting Christ.
Be intentional because He was first to be.

Pastor Bobby

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