Sunday, February 28, 2010

InTENtional for TEN - Week 4

Need some ideas for meeting your challenges this week? Here are ten prompts to jumpstart your thinking:

Attend: Attend the Wed. nite Bible Study at Beulah at 7pm.

Give: Give 1% more than you're currently giving.

Pray: Pray for the New Wednesday night Bible Study and youth ministry at Beulah UMC.

Sacrifice: Fast from eating out and donate money to our Youth Ministry.

Connect: Sit in a different spot during worship next week and talk with someone different.

Learn: Pick up a newspaper and count how many times you can find God in one of the stories.

Fast: Give up computer/internet surfing for one evening and talk to a friend on the phone.

Witness: Pray for an opportunity to share your God story with someone.

Serve: Visit someone who is unable to come to church (FMI call Pastor Bobby or Girl Tommie).

Bless: Pray for Pastor Bobby before worship service.

Weekly Scriptures:

Mon - Matthew 16:24-28
Tues - Luke 14:25-33
Wed. - Acts 14:19-23
Thur - Mark 10:28-31
Fri - Acts 28:11-22
Sat - John 8:31-38

Quotation of the Week:

I do not fully understand the reasons for the wildernesses of God's absence. This I do know; while the wilderness is necessary, it is never meant to be permanent. In God's time and in God's way the desert will give way to a land flowing with milk and honey. And as we wait for that promised land of the soul, we can echo the prayer of Bernard of Clairvaux, "O my God, deep calls unto deep (Ps 42:7). The deep of my profound misery calls to the deep of your infinite mercy." (Prayer, Foster, p. 24.)


  1. Loved the sermon yesterday. Very powerful. Thank you for praying with me. When you talked about your law enforcement career it struck home & I started crying and needed to pray. I wanted to just fall flat on my face at the altar but did not feel comfortable. One day...

    Only thing that bothered me was Cody distracted me.

    I love ya'll. Thank you for being in my life.

  2. The shadow was the center of the sermon, as is God's grace, the center of our life.
    I have fallen on my face at the foot of the cross on many occasions. The Holy Spirit is working in your life right now and you feel it. Remember the prayer is when we are listening.