Friday, June 25, 2010

Here, In America?

I was on face book and saw a posting by Redstate, one of my political news feeder thinga ma jig. One of the article from this posting was called "Amerabia" which caught my attention. I truly believe in the freedom of religion, but that's the freedom of religion and the freedom of free speech for everyone. Now when we are denied that right, it upset my sense of ...well everything. I want to say bad words, jump up and down, maybe even throw things. This article really caught me off guard.

I have spoken to pastors from the Michigan area and they had told me and the muslims runs almost the whole city and of course I figured they were making it seem bigger than it really was. If I ever meet them again, I will have to apologize.

I know this may sound bad to some people when I ask these two questions but I do have some rights to my own opinion: Do the muslims own most of the businesses in Mich. or in Deerborn? Do they have laws like the rest of the U.S. where only American born citizens can hold most elected offices? Just wondering. If that makes anyone upset because I asked, start your own blog and write the questions you have. I am an American and I'm a Christian who believes in loving my neighbors but there is a line where we have to stand up and speak up. Here's your sign. Please check this out.

P.S. I know that muslims is spelled correctly with a capital "A" but right now I'm angry, so forgive me.

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