Monday, April 12, 2010

God is good

Isn't it amazing when you don't believe anything ever goes right, God has a way to show you that everything he does is right. I have been reminded so often since our "Crossing the River" series that God's timing is perfect and God's provisions is always enough. I love it when my people listens. It makes those countless hours of sermon preparations worthwhile. My God is so good.

I am also blessed to have so many who are willing to show their love for God and for God's people. Through their words, actions, giving or by their quiteness, I receive inspiration for the days ahead knowing that just around the corner the evil one awaits. But through the empowernment that our Father has blessed me with, BOOM! No way will you hinder me! No way will you oppose me! No way will I be detered because I've seen hell and I got as close as I'll ever get. I am now Heaven bound!

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