Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Answer the phone

I am participating in the Academy for Christian Witnesses at Camp Rockfish. This is a seminar/retreat for pastors focused on evangelism. I have been a part of this academy once before a few years ago. At the time, no one including myself knew how or why I had been invited because it was for pastors. I had just received a letter from our District Committee on Ministry (The District overseers of those who are coming up for appointment). This was an official letter which advised me to remain in the church I was a member of and continue to bear fruit. In other words, I would not be allow to go before the Committee to be interviewed for candidacy. Everyone finally said, "God must have meant for you to come. Of course, I agreed.

The greatest blessings that comes from these gatherings of pastors is the opportunity to hear God stories. Listening to other pastors share their call to ministry re-ignite that fire that we all seem to lose at times. Our God is so good. Why he takes us unworthy subjects of his creation and places us into his service, we'll never know other than to say "He has a plan."

And this call that the Lord makes isn't just for those he places in the holy desk. He places a fire in the hearts of many. And this fire is for all sorts of ministry. I will not begin to list them, but you know what God has placed in your heart. Answer the call. God never hangs up the phone.

A friend and member of one of the churches I serve shared with me a fire that had been place on her heart years earlier, but she wanted someone else to take it and run with it. After one of my sermons she realized that God meant for her to run with it. I told her to go for it and I would be there for her. It is a ministry for a group of young people who needs guidance. She said if they don't receive spiritual guidance, they would be lost.

This group has been meeting for about six weeks now and I asked for a wish list. Number one on their list were t-shirts. T-shirts? Yes, t-shirts with their logo which they designed on them.

I shared this during my message this past Sunday. One of our members came up to me after church and said, "Put me down for 20 shirts and I'll give a donation each month for hot dogs or something." How wonderful. I had no plan to mention this during my sermon. It didn't go along with my message. Didn't relate at all. But God knows what he's doing, his timing is perfect and his provisions is always enough.

I shared the story of this ministry with a participant here at the seminar and was told to e-mail the info to his office and a check would be on its way. Once again let me say; "God knows what he's doing, God's timing is perfect and God's provisions is always enough."

Have you prayed lately?

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