Friday, October 31, 2014

One of 'Those'

Lynn, David, Owen, me, Mom, Mark, and Dad. And
J.D. and Lewis would come alone a little later.
October 31 is one of those 'things', one of those 'days', one of 'those' that some of us rather at times forget. Or, it could be one of those 'things', one of those 'days', one of 'those' that you cannot stand not to remember. Sometime 'those' are painful and sometime they are memories that you don't really know how to explain other than to say they are parts of our treasure chests of yesterdays.

You see, October 31, 1972, Halloween, was the day that the life of our family made a dramatic turn that would never find round-about, make a U-turn, or go in reverse. This was the day that my mom left my dad. This was the day that brothers and a sister were separated, some with my dad and some with my mom. I was taking with mom.

Mom and Dad in 2004 family gathering
Like I said, it was one of 'those' days, one of those 'things', it was just one of 'those'. Of course I hated it, we were all hurt, we all suffered, but we as a family persevered and never lost our love for one another. Mom and Dad even becam
e best friends through the years. They died less than a year apart and are buried together. Of course our family relationship with one another has seen better days, but that's a part of growing older and having so much responsibilities and busyness.
Me, Owen J.D., Lewis, David, Lynn, and Mark
in 2004.

So as one of those 'days' that one rather not remember but others cannot help but want to remember, Oct. 31, is just that. I'll never forget, at times wish it never existed, but then again, I cannot help but to want to remember it. For it gives me the opportunity to remember the last day that I was a part of a whole family with my mom and dad, all my brothers and my sister, at least until around 3:30 that particular afternoon, right after I got off the school bus.

But hey! If we want to, we can all dress up real funny and make the best of it. Why not? It's one of 'those' days.

The Herring clan in 2004. David Jr. was home on
from Iraq and we were all able to get together for
time in over 20 years. Been a few more added
to this great family since then.

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